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Awesome love the whole fit

The material is very soft & comfortable, fits true to size, and the color is a new favorite for me!

We Right Here Tee

KB Merchandise is the Best!!!!

So Dope

Fits great, the hood is nice and roomy and the overall look is 👌🏽


Very satisfied


This is my favorite jean jacket.


Love every piece I have- but was specifically waiting for this! Fabric is great- and love the design

I like it I do

I like it, but I wanted to love it, the quality I thought this jacket was going to bring was a heavy fabric material, I know, I was warned, 0% cotton 100% fire, it is fire, I was just hoping for a heavier more premium material feel, instead it feels kind of floaty and foam roll like, but other than that the colors are vibrant and give a unique touch of style, thank you KB.

Great quality! Perfect fit!

Son loved it....

Product came on time in perfect condition...excellent service!

Fits me perfectly and matches anything I wear with it!

HGA Off-White Zipper Track Joggers


Man you guys just keep getting better and better. Best quality merchandise out there.

Great shirt!

Shrunk a little in the wash, but the design and quality is awesome!

Great bag nice pockets

Love it!

The hat looks awesome!


I love these pants!! They are so cool! The straps on the pockets make it look awesome! I love the straps at the ankles! The only thing was the small pants were really long. But maybe I'm really short. Definitely, the coolest pants I own!!


I love this jacket!!! Looks so cool! And it's great for cold weather. It's super warm and soft! I was only surprised by how big the jacket was. I ordered a small and it was like a large on me. But I still love it.

Please restock this item , my daughter and girlfriend have been wanting it for almost a year now !!! We saw you both times you came to San Antonio texas , and it wasn’t available as merch

Love it!!

I got this shirt for my birthday last year and love wearing it out to places I know a lot of people will see! Living unashamed at its finest!! HGA

Love it

Great Quality, I get compliments every time I wear it

Best hoodie ever!!

I love this so much. Very comfortable and amazing design. Love you KB, keep up the great work!!!


I know that the quality has to be amazing because of how fast these things sold out! I just really need this hoodie, man. I've been wanting it since it dropped, but I've never had enough money to get it. This discount is really why I can even afford it. Anyways, I give it a pre-purchase five stars because all of this stuff is quality. ALways has been, and hopefully always will.