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I love the design, message, and it looks great. The reactions you get when wearing anything with “Not Today Satan” on the back are priceless! Highly recommended!!

Hoy No Satanas

The shirt lowkey was a tad oversized and I loved it the fit. Awesome quality like always


Love the shirt and the fit. Received many compliments!

Great shirt

Shirt came in and it looked phenomenal. No complaints here. Definitely order another here soon!

HGA Repent Longsleeve Tee
Tyler Richardson

Looks a bit faded in person but I love it

Go get your blessing

Absolutely love the quality colour and fit of the jacket. Definitely worth the purchase

HGA Doves Tee
Kevin Roberts
Dove Shirt

Very comfortable fit. Neck ring leaves room to breathe and design is terrific with the wings on the sleeves.

HGA necklace

Very nice quality. Was expecting to be longer, but it's actually the perfect size! Item as described.Fast shipping as always.

Love the message!

My teenage son loves to listen to your music. It's wonderful to know he can hear the true message through a style of music that he enjoys. Although I grew up listening to southern gospel music and rap was not a part of the genre of music played in my home, I truly appreciate the message in your music. I love to hear those who are not afraid to sing about Jesus! Too many veer away from saying His name (Jesus) and only sing of love and inspiration. Keep on praising Jesus and encouraging those like my son toward Him! May God bless your ministry.

Great customer service!!

After the first one came damaged, I got a free replacement no questions asked. employee was very understanding and very very helpful. Will always be a customer!!

HGA Bring the War Tactical Pants
Jenna Swanson
Very very cool

Not what I thought it was (that's just because I'm dumb though) but still a great purchase 😎

HGA Death is Dead Hoodie
Jenna Swanson
I don't think this is available anymore but oh well

The design is so dang cool. I love it.

You guys never disappoint

I can't believe how comfortable this stuff is! Absolutely love the color and design. AND it arrived really quick!


How?! How is it even this comfortable?!? I am so happy with this purchase oh my goodness. And the designs are just amazing! Thank you so much for putting in the effort to making your items top quality!!


A beautiful product, but gets very expensive, if ordered outside of America.

HGA Repent Tee
the shirt is amazing

it's started so many conversations with Christians who see blood first and get a little wary until I explain to them the point of the shirt. Starts amazing conversations all around. The design lasts and doesn't crack off which is also a plus!

Great Quality!

Love these shorts! I had a busy day, but as I moved around in these all I could think was “Man these things are comfortable!” The draw string is a bit long tbh but nothing a loose knot couldn’t fix.

HGA Doves Tee
Tajudeen Oshodi
Double dove shirt

I should've read the description on the material. It's more of an jersey athletic material and it's more fitted than a loose oversize fit.

Love it

It was exactly what I was looking for! I get compliments on it all the time. Love the necklace!

Absolutely Love it!

Bought this jacket originally for my boyfriend and let’s just say we both wear it. Love it!!!

To small

I need a medium hoodie

So happy

I’m 5’11 and 140 and the small fits perfect! As a tall female, my arms are rather long and the jacket fits my wing span perfectly. Small chemical smell but the jacket looks exactly like the picture. I cannot wait to wear it!!


I loved this hoddie but my girlfriend wanted it so not seen it in a while. It was a bit small on me tho so that's okay.

Love it!

Love this fleece, love the colour and fit, just amazing